Auditory frequency test 20 to 20,000Hz
1932/5000 Current frequency Audio: {{frequency}} Hz

How often can you hear? This free online web application in a short time determines by tone the frequency which is the highest that your ear is able to hear. Normally the human ear can hear from 100Hz up to almost 20,000 Hz, but in many occasions by age and by listening to music with the volume damaged more than 80 decibels (dB), since it is very bad for our hearing. Diverse work with prolonged exposure to very loud sounds can significantly reduce your ability to hear high frequencies.

To do this test you have to have good quality headphones, always with a low volume, (Never upload it to hear it higher). You can share your results to find out how old is your ear? in the comments, indicating his age and if he has been exposed to loud sounds throughout his life.

Important Note: As is logical, this test does not have scientific validity, since they affect a large number of variables that only an ear doctor in an otorhinolaryngology consultation can perform, so it is only an approximate indicator. Just as you do not use this website as a medical diagnosis of any kind, it can only be done by a specialized doctor (otolaryngologist)

These applications work from the internet browser so they should work without problems in Windows 10, Mac, Android Tablet or Iphone the only thing you have to have is one of the web browser using Google Chrome or Mozilla or Opera. Audio online

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